Our Travel Plan

A culmination of the old and the new India is the key to our travel plan. Starting at Mumbai, the very core of the energy of India we plan to head toward Nasik, the Indian wine country sampling its fine wines and looking around at the vineyards before driving through the forests of Yawal Sanctuary and hoping to catch a glimpse of its flora and fauna famous for its Blue Tiger Butterflies, Sambar, Tiger and Leopard. Then onto Indore relishing the Namkeen and Mithai that is famous in all of MP we drive into Sanchi at the heart of Madhya Pradesh. Sanchi is one of the oldest Buddhist centres in India dating back to the 3rd century B.C. Carrying onto Khajuraho, the world heritage site; we hope to take in the sensual side of Indian art and sculpture. Varanasi comes in next, meandering through the narrow streets of one of the oldest cities, the Ghats and the Ganges make for some of the best that India can offer. Via Kanpur, India’s industrial centre we head towards Agra on the banks of the river Yamuna keen to capture architectural wonders from the Moguls like the Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri etc. Bharatpur bird sanctuary is home to over 230 species of bird including migratory birds and waterside birds like the Siberian Crane, Pelicans, and Geese etc. From there we drive onto the pink city of Jaipur to see the forts and the Hawa Mahal. Ajmer beckons with one of India’s most important place for Muslim pilgrims the Dargah Sharif. A stop at the Lake Palace in Udaipur and then onto Vadodadara and Daman before driving the last 100 kms along the coast onto Mumbai. Why this route? In short we hope to catch glimpses of our fast disappearing wildlife, art and architectural wonders while seeping in the spiritual centres of what makes India diverse and yet at complete harmony with all its chaos.…We feel this journey would encompass a few of the many many reasons why we love travelling in our vast and varied country. Details: Day 1 334 km: Dhule is the stop over but not before we drive through Nasik Day 2 350 km: stop at Indore drive through Yawal Sanctuary Day 3 286 km: Sanchi stop over through Bhopal Day 4 324 km: Khajuraho Day 5 378 km: Varanasi Day 6 320 km: Kanpur Day 7 350 km: Pass through Agra, have a look at the Taj and stop at Bharatpur. Day 8 312 km stop for the night at ajmer with a quick look at jaipur Day 9 274 km Udaipur Day 10 325km to Vadodara Day 11 300 km to Daman Day 12 137km to Mumbai, but travel along the coast.