Our Travelogue

# Bharath and Radhika drove from Rajasthan through to the east of India into the forbidden country of Bhutan and spent 28 days capturing a country that was in transition from monarchy to a new democratic nation # Having gone to Pushkar, Rajasthan to capture the cattle fair for a reunion with friends and other photographers the trip turned into a photo-book called Gurus, Gods and Camels which can be viewed online at www.gurusgodsandcamels.com #Having done a 10,000km trip from Bangalore to Ladakh over the perpetual nonexisting roads into Nubra valley, Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri for a total of 45 days #Radhika has backpacked through France, Italy and Amsterdam in 2008 for 2 months. She has also done a bit of Southeast Asia including Thailand, Singapore while Bharath strongly believes there is always so much more to see in India he has trekked atleast 6 times to the Himalayas.Radhika deems her favorite places to be Hampi and Benares #They spent a month in Andamans, snorkeling and discovering all the islands there.They spend a month every year in one part of India to soak in the place and from the images that they sell, 10% of the proceeds go into an environment group for the protection of the eco-system. #Their work can be viewed at www.radhikaraj.com and www.blindrain.com