Our Introduction

Reva is from Singapore, never had dreams about coming to India, and that to Chennai, and was very contented living life as a TV producer. Giri is from Vettaikaranpudur, a village off Coimbatore, and had always loved the media, and never thought he would have a girlfriend from another place other than Tamil Nadu. In 2007, Reva and Giri meet in Coimbatore where they were working for the same radio station, fell in love, which inspired RJ Reva to declare their love on air in Chennai, and the rest is history. We make it a plan to take a break from work, and travel at least once a month, and we enjoy gifting our friends, tents, sleeping bag, swiss knives, and everything travel. Giri just got his car last month, and has been excited with it. We believe loads more travel, hiking, riding and driving will pave the right path to our future