We are the best candidates because..

We are travel & adventure freaks & if not trekking in the sahyadris, we are mostly out on every alternate weekends to all possible nearby destinations including Matheran, Alibaug, Kihim, Murud (my favourite), Khopoli, Lonavala, Manor, Kelve, Daman, Wada, Nashik - dont be surprised about Nashik, its really a good weekend place to be in, especially if you love sula wines ;) Across India, our fav place is Rishikesh, love the spirituality in the air apart from rafting down the Ganges. Goa, of course is an all time fav. love the benaulim beach as north beaches are two crowded.. love 9 bar though.. coppacabana used to be our fav. place.. feni & port wines our poison.. Corbett was amazing.. Beyond India, Pooja's work related travel had her swinging on the London Bridge recently. She plans to take a TGV next time & do a little backpacking across France & Italy. Ibiza island, off the Barcelona coast is my favourite place. Its the world party capital with a single street lined up wiith more than 100 pubs. Foam parties, topless babes.. you name it, everythings there... It's also a world heritage site by the way. The water theres coloured like blue pepsi.. n also tastes like one... just kiddin.. it actually is pretty salty.. mediterranean sea .. you know..Elsewhere..Paris is pretty romantic, shoppings great. Thai Foot massage is amazing in Bangkok, Love the night safari in Singapore, the windows street in Amsterdam ;). I long to go to the cantanals in Brazil one day & also watch the carnival in Rio on my way back. Well, where ever we go we make it a point to get the local tastes , smell the local flavour & try to make the most of the trip by not only doing the popular stuff, but also try n get our hands on the hidden treasures... we have the spirit of Marcopolo n Colombus within us!