Our Travelogue

Corbett was fun, while on Safari, we had halted at an observation post & were playing Tiger Tiger & scaring each other with roars & mews n suddenly we heard a real tiger roar pretty close by.. man.. what followed was must have been a fastest entry in to a Gypsy by any human beings... Pooja always longed to experience the real snowfall...couple of years back, she got an awesome dose of the bone chill effect when she was stuck on the Kashmir Highway due to heavy snowfalls. Till then she didn't know what is cold.. now.. her teeth chatters whenever anyone utters the word snowfall. At Barcelona, I was famished & decided to try out the local restaurant. Being a pure Veggie( not even eggs), outside India in most countries, its always hard to get decent veg food beyond the Indian restaurants ( usually run by the pakis or bangladeshis). So I walk into this spanish looking restaurant nearby & see this white skin head sitting on the counter. I explain him in english that I need something to eat, no fish, no meat, no eggs. He doesn't seem to understand. So I try to explain him a couple of more times.. but no luck as few spanish understand proper english.. I thought for myself, it useless to bang your head on the wall & was about to leave .. when this skin head asks me.. "Indian"? I nod.. guess what happens next??? He calmy walks to me n says, " Bhaisaab aap ko kya mangta hai boliye naa, mujhe angrezi nahin aati"! I was floored for a moment. Too stunned to speak.. I stood there all by myself. He then explained that he was a Punjabi & he was running this spanish restaurant. Wah India wah!.. tere bacche to har duniya ke galiyon And kono mein.. I thought. While at amsterdam, I was at a pub & ran out of cigarettes. The guy sharing the table offered me one & I lit it up.. although the taste seem weird, I didn't think too much as thought it to be some local brand of ciggie with local taste n puffed on.. but .. damn.. it was laced with marijuana! I was so stoned... so stoned ......that, next day I promptly went to the same bar without buying the cigarretes ;). In Amsterdam, smoking Marijuana is akin to smoking a Ciggie...! Wow!