We are the best candidates because..

Whoaa!!! We are not sure whether we are the best candidates among the lot.. cause it is for the Jury to decide but we believe we are among the competetive lot because of certain traits we have in our blood cells. Both of us love the CAMERA... and the best part is that while most of the couples would love either being in front of the camera or at the back.... WE LOVE BOTH THE SIDES OF IT :) We love posing for pictures... but we love a lot more taking picture of the other one. While the natural pictures are often the best, we love to work on the pictures, videos with our own tastes, music, comics thanks to our "Post Clicking" talents :). We are definitely a NO REASON TO TRAVEL kind of couple ...We do it cause it is just fun. Thats why we pleaded our bro to transfer his avenger so that we can enjoy the rains of mumbai :) and get our words, IF RIDING IN RAINS IS FUN... DRIVING CAN BE A BLISS :) (ofcourse minus traffic ) "We are extremely lazy at times ..............NO THAT IS NOT THE REASON WE ARE THE BEST CANDIDATES. WE ARE JUST TOO EXCITED TO GET THE SUPPORT OF OUR FRIENDS, RELATIVES AND YEAH THE UNKNOWN, UNRELATED PEOPLE WHO WOULD LOVE TO SEE US AMONG THE FINALIST. SO WE THOUGHT WHY NOT START GETTING THE VOTES WHILE WE KEEP ON WORKING THE APPLICATION." Kudos Shikha & Samvit