Our Travelogue

If Vinu would have had his way, we would have been the only couple to have already done a similar 12 day 3000 kms driving from Delhi to Bangalore. Yes, that's what we had decided last year but we never did it. Looks like now is the time. Even as I write this application, Vinu is traveling to Leh for a week long trip. Prior to this he was in Ranthambore before that Goa, before that Gokarna. He travels so much that some times I cannot even keep track of it. But if you go through his Flickr stream you'd know about all the travel he has done. I have traveled extensively all over India, what more for my love for travel I even started the yahoo based weekend backpacking group, Let's Go. As part of Let's Go Vinu and I traveled to Pondicherry and other places around Bangalore. About my travel experience, all I can say is that I have seen both heaven and hell and I survived them all. Besides knowing the nature, thanks to my traveling I have also witnessed how and where real India lives, the villages. I have eaten home made baajre ki roti with makkhan sitting on the heap of wild grass in the courtyard of a hut in the middle of Rajasthan desert; I had strange combination of Andhra and Oddissi cuisine from a roadside dhaba in the Naxal dominated areas of Koraput in Orissa; I have shopped for spooky pendents of Tibetan Gods in Gangtok; I have stood outside a snow covered tent at the height of 12,000 feet on the Yanker range of Himalayas and watched the sun rise; I have trekked through Yanker range of Himalaya for 12 days without bathing or washing in one pair of track pants; I have watched Dolphins playing in the waters of Bay of Bengal as we relaxed on the hammocks outside our cottages in Havlock Island in Andamans, then I have watched Bay of Bengal engulfing every road, every nook and corner around our hotel when the Tsunami waves hit Port Blair the next day. With my family I lived on the street of Port Blair for 2 days post Tsunami. To sum it up, I have pretty much survived everything that the never ending roads offer you, including the accidental loss of a dear friend, yet the passion for travel is far from being satisfied, because that's the only way to go forward.