Our Travelogue

She has travelled along most of the roads of India, ranging from Srinagar to Thekkady, from Ahmedabad to Darjeeling. He prefers to keep his feet firmly entrenched in one place (that hasn't stopped Her from taking Him through a sky dive @ raf weston on the green, bicester, oxfordshire), venturing out on his own only to attend weddings of friends in Bhagalpur, Patna, Indore and Sagar. Their honeymoon spanned Manali (para sailing), Mauritius (quad biking, para sailing, under sea walk, sub-scooter), Singapore (luge @ sentosa), Phuket (Fantasea), Langkawi (para sailing) over 20 days (sounds more like an adventure trip than a honeymoon, right?). Other foreign trips include 25 days travelling across Europe through Switzerland, France, Italy & Rome, England (for the fateful sky dive) and Scotland and an extended weekend spent at Bangkok. Domestic trips include visits to Jalgaon (for a friends wedding and Ajanta caves), Kikar Lodge, Nalagarh Fort and Ananda in the Himalaya's. Experiences that would last most people a lifetime have been crammed into the two years of wedded life together already. Who knows what all awaits these two souls!