Our Travelogue

Road trips have been a major part of our lives. It all started for us as a couple with our honeymoon. Intending to go to SriLanka we decided to drive from Pune up to Trivanantapuram and fly further to Colombo, however at Tiruvanantpuram images of the falling Twin Towers made us change our route and we found ourselves circumventing Kanyakumari and deciding to come up along the East Coast. Since then, we have made various road trips in India and on foreign shores, some of which were in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and Austria. The latest, in April, being a trip to Coorg via Dandeli Jungles further to Auroville via Mysore. On the way back we stayed at Yelagiri where Kedar did some memorable flying. What comes to mind as most memorable would be a 21 days, 7000km drive from Pune to LEH via Manali and back via Srinagar to Pune. It is an adventure we would recommend to every Indian worth his salt. The sheer expanse of our country, the changing cultures, changing skies, skylines, roads, altitudes, attitudes, values, are INCREDIBLE and makes us proud to be an Indian. Some of these trips - from Pune to Munnar, to Kolkata via Nagpur, Ranchi and back down along the East Coast via Vishakhapatnam, Hyderabad, innumerable visits to Panchgani (for Paragliding), Goa (for the sun n sand) , Bhopal, Panchmarhi...... we relive through the GPS routes we track and others with several hundred photographs that are indispensable. Given an opportunity you will see many photographs and may even be able track the route, real time as we drive through our intended route.