Our Travelogue

Together we have only travelled in India. As our work schedule is tightly packed these mostly include weekend escapaed to places around Mumbai and Bangalore. We've faced the sea on the west coast in Goa and Daman. While goa is full of foreign tourists and is scaled to entertain such guests, daman is still a small Portuguese city which has mostly marathi and gujarati tourists. Its quiet and beautiful and is a nice quiet weekend away from the busy city of Mumbai. Around Bangalore, the best vacations we've had is to Coorg and Jog Falls. Jog Falls were a majestic and mysterious experience. They are best visited just after monsoons. The falls look grand and do a dissapearing act when the clouds come right in beween you and the falls. Its a heavenly experience to see clouds suddenly appear 500 metres in front of you and engulfing the falls. Then all of a sudden the sun would make an appearance the falls would be visible in all their grandeur. Going to the foot of the falls and see water fall on you is as enchanting an experience as seeing it fall down to abyss,when standing at the top. Coorg is my favourite place because its coffee country, and I love coffee. Hiring a bike and going up and down those mountains full of coffee plantations is a wonderful experience. We plan to keep the traveller is us alive for as long as possible and discovering these little secrets about our country in our very own style :)