Our Travelogue

On a lazy Friday afternoon in August last year I was at home on a days's leave. Wifey dear suddenly exclaimed "WOW". She was reading the day's newspaper and there was a picture of Hognekkal falls in it's full glory. We went down to our friend Parijat's apartment. He was at home to celebrate his birthday. We planned, pondered and finally decided to go early next day morning. The next day morning we started off - cloudy day with cool breeze - my idea of glorious weather for a drive. Upto electronics city the ride was bumpy but then the ride was smooth as Ganguly's cover drive through off side!! Enroute there was delicacies served by the great chef - Parijat. Hognekkal was crowded but we enjoyed a bath but was not satisfied to think that the drive will end. We made a few phone calls to figure out where we can go next but did not like any of the suggestions namely Yercaud, Yelagiri, etc. We were at a crossroad where suddenly the name "Madurai" springed to my mind. We started on a really long drive. Around 7 in the evening we had dinner and continued on our drive, finally reaching at 12:30 in the night. We checked into a hotel I remembered visiting 16 long years back!! As soon as we hit bed we just passed out. Next day we visited Meenakshi temple and then started back home after breakfast. We were back in Bangalore at 11:30 in the night severely delayed by rain and a couple of punctures. And there I was back in Bangalore on August 3rd with my Wagon R reading 1124 kms and it was purchased only on July 27th!!