Our Introduction

We grew up travelling thanks to our parents; spending birthdays in trains, anniversaries in transit accommodations, and vacations in off beaten tracks…Great travelers would tell you that once you’ve worn those dusty boots, you can never hang them up. I am Sridevi Nair, and it’s a struggle explaining what I do. I’ve studied geology, MBA and broadcast Journalism. Worked as an advertising Suit, a radio drama producer in BBC (London & Birmingham) and then as a strategic planner in JWT and am currently GM Planning in Publicis Ambiance. My Brother Shabarish Nair has been fairly consistent, with an IT background and currently works in DowJones, but don’t let that deceive you…he frequently takes off to the wildest parts of India, unseen, unknown and bordering on the insane. We’re contesting from Bombay. I am the dreamer he’s the doer. I’m spontaneous and wild, he’s brave and determined. But we both trust our gut the most. We’re both into photography, wildlife watching, and adventure sports. I write and he talks. And oh for the record…I’m the older one… by 8 years.