Our Introduction

We are Subhashish and Sreenila from Bangalore. We are both IT professionals who are avid readers and love to drive to and discover places in the interiors. We have been married for over a year and a half now and within this period have driven to Wayanad (twice already and plan to go again next month!), Coorg, Nagarhole, Chennai and Kumarakom. We like to travel to places which are faraway and close to nature and sometimes seriously think of buying our own small estate someday in such a place and settling there. This usually happens just after gettng back from a nature trip! On any long weekend, chances are more than even that we are out of Bangalore and driving down to some place to be close to nature. We believe that travel broadens one's horizons and exposes oneself to various facets of life. It teaches one to accomodate other beliefs. points of view and ways of life and makes one learn all the time.