We are the best candidates because..

For the past four years, we have been traveling together extensively. With treks, road trips, back pack trips and adventure camps we have utilized almost all our weekends. We have captured most of these trips as photo stories and published online. Since 2008, we have been writing a travel blog called www.travelwithacouple.com, which captures stories, snippets, people and places from our trips. This blog has a few hundreds of regular readers. We also contribute articles and photographs regularly for travel magazines. We love preparing travel plans and itineraries and do that regularly for many of our friends. As volunteers in Nature Knights for their eco adventure trips and outbound training programs, we plan & participate in many travel & adventure events. Recently the DNA newspaper featured us (and our blog) in their Sunday magazine section called DNA Clan which features people/groups who have taken the road less travelled in pursuing their passions. With our active interest in travel, blogging and photography, we hope to give a decent competition to other smart couples.