We are the best candidates because..

We believe that we are the best candidates because, we have clocked over 38000 Kms in last 3 years on our santro Have picked up a lot of experience in Highway and hill driving. hmm achievements ? been in one piece through out . Have done the following circuits CHENNAI -VIZAG VIZAG -CHENNAI-COCHIN COCHIN-CHENNAI-VIZAG VIZAG -ARRAKU-VIZAG VIZAG -ANANTPUR (PUTTAPARTHI)-HYD-VIZAG VIZAG-HYD-PUNE-MUMBAI MUMBAI-MAHABALAESHWAR -PACHGANI-MUMBAI MUMBAI -IGATPURI -MUMBAI MUMBAI -GOA-KARWAR-GOA-MUMBAI MUMBAI -DAMAN-AHEMEDABAD-UDAIPUR-JAIPUR-DELHI AND a lot more os short trips during weekends. There is a lot which has not been said which has been done on bike. Cochin -munnar and lots more have done cochin-goa on bike in 2000. Now the team is built up for long drives as we now have come to a level where we change a flat tyre in 10 mins and have mastered the art of cleaning the windshield with paper and water during non stop drives at night . have upgraded from paper maps to a netbook/internet connection/GPS satguide. so dont see a reason why we cant do this run .. so lets go for it