Our Introduction

We are Vaman and Shree from Delhi . OOPS!!!!!!!! did i say Delhi, ya now in Delhi as i am serving in the indian navy and now posted in Delhi. Joined the navy some years back, but i guess the travel bug had bitten me well before. Have been doing lot of biking during my college days .me a computer freak addicted to the online world. and shree too is a computer freak, but then limited to theory .. as in she loves computer books. A postgraduate in computer science who doesnt want to join the IT industry ,but prefers to teach in some school and is looking out for a job in delhi. We have known each other for last 13 years and got married 4 years back. have been driving on all possible weekends and on all my transfers and movements. We both keep exchanging our roles of navigating and driving when ever we hit the roads. We take to the car and the roads as fishes take to the water.