Our Travelogue

Both of us have done a lot of trip together and i have been on a sailing ship ( more of winds and less of engine) to egypt, greece italy and all .. Both of us have been on lot of drives on my bike. but then when we bought the car we started enjoying the drives and the feel . and the latest is that we have aquired a GPS system for the car .some of the trips are listed below. CHENNAI -VIZAG, This was the first trip after we bought the car. The road is awesome. NH is just great and it goes all the way to kolkotta. Did the journey in one single daylight. VIZAG -CHENNAI-COCHIN, This was a trip to home town on leave. Decided to have a stop over at chennai as we both knew the place and it was comming to just half way thru . again the road from vizag to chennai is good and from chennai till somewhere pallakad is good .. then it becomes bad. COCHIN- MUNNAR (BIKE), while in cochin, we decided to go to munnar on a bike .. it was a good feeling to do 130 kms uphill in 3 hours flat and the route is too senic. you have to see it to belive it . COCHIN-CHENNAI-VIZAG, this was out trip back from cochin .. stopped for the night at chennai and reached vizag next day eveing . lovely roads.. VIZAG -ARRAKU-VIZAG, This again a marvellous trip. uphill drive, with hairpins and fog covering roads once in a while. VIZAG -ANANTPUR (PUTTAPARTHI)-HYD-VIZAG, This is one of them which i dont want to talk about .. drove some 17 hours to reach this place which is called puttaparthi. i was almost dead after this long drive .its was almost non stop with only pitstops at Relaince A1 .. pity that they have shut shop .it was a revolutionary change on the quality of pit stops you could take . while returing from puttaparti we came to hyd and then went to vizag . again a days trip to hyd . nigt stop at hyd and again a days drive to vizag VIZAG-HYD-PUNE-MUMBAI, This is ultimate as i got trasfered from vizag to mumbai .did vizag -hyd in a day and the next evening reached mumbai . wow this one good road. felt so big relief when i hit the pune mumbai express way .. wow .. MUMBAI-MAHABALAESHWAR -PACHGANI-MUMBAI, This happens to be the any mumbaikars .. long drive .but its worth it for the kick of driving at high ranges MUMBAI -IGATPURI -MUMBAI, again a weekend drive MUMBAI -GOA-KARWAR-GOA-MUMBAI, WOW.. this is soemthing that i love .. that coast is so huge and beutiful . from mumbai to karwar .. and must be till mahe . .its so beutiful i would prefer to die somehere out there. nothing can beat those beaches (untouched,virgin)goa needs no explanation MUMBAI -DAMAN-AHEMEDABAD-UDAIPUR-JAIPUR-DELHI. This is the last one when i was again transffered to delhi from mumbai followed this route and stayed at eary poitn and it was worth it.