Our Travelogue

My partner asked me can travel become an addiction and I thought something that de-stresses you completely, won’t fill your lungs with smoke, your liver with dread or your body with kilos become an addiction. Guys, you stand warned! The world is indeed divided in two: people who love to travel and those who want to. Our love for travel has taken us off from cobbled streets, narrow historic lanes, beautifully architectured steeples of picturesque Paris to the air with the whiff of the great wine in the rolling hills of Napa Valley dotted with wineries of every stature. We also bring you our adventures from the narrow winding streets, closely packed red tiled roofs along the coast of Nice, the marineland along the Antibes, the glamour aboard Cannes and the extravagance amidst Monte Carlo. For the saner world this is just not ending here. We have stories to tell of our escapades in Saarbrucken, Mohawk dancing in National Museum of American Indian in New York, getting lost for hours in Quebec City and finally arriving at Ice Hotel to drink the hot acid in ice mugs, bargaining on the streets of Bali, listening to serene music atop towers in Kualalumpur, getting stuck in a snow blizzard in Montreal to almost getting cast in a documentary on nomad Indians in the quaint town of Alexandria. Theres lot more in store to sink in this tub full of our glorious travel picks. Keep watching!!!