We are the best candidates because..

Because we enjoy adventure, travelling, clicking pictures, and most importantly we know, it's just one life... and we have to make the best use of it. Well, but why should we be telling you all this... you have our application in front of you... so go through it... if you want to check on our writing skills, read "our blog", if you want to check on our photographic skills, check our orkut or flickr streams and if you want to check on our passion towards Travelling, read further... and I am sure you won't ask us why are we the best candidates, instead you'll say, "Yes, you are the best candidate"... so, visit our complete profile to know us better... Once, We rode from Visakhapatnam to Kolkata 1000 kms approx. on my bike-Bajaj Pulsar, travelling through Orissa, passing by the Chilka Lake. We even had to travel the rough highway amidst heavy rain, remember, we were on the bike(no shed) and most importantly, we had my laptop with us. But either, its we who were smart, or God who was merciful, we arrived safely to Bhadrak to take the stop-over. we reached Kolkata next afternoon, only to the shock of Bushra's parents. One of the other examples is on her birthday on 2008, I gifted her a Paragliding trip, and proposed her by floating a Banner saying, "Happy Birthday Love, Will you Marry Me...???". She was up in the sky and I was holding the banner on ground, so that she could read when she is landing. These are just the examples of what we are and what we could do besides living through the adventure called Life.