Our Travelogue

We have traveled to China, USA, UK, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa and Hong Kong. We have traveled extensively in India (about 50 of our trips with photographs are meticulously recorded at http://hayath.com/wanderlust). Some of our drives in the past include Delhi - Leh Drive (http://hayath.com/wanderlust/2006/leh), Delhi - Shekhawati Drive (http://hayath.com/wanderlust/2008/shekhawati), Delhi Amritsar Drive (http://hayath.com/wanderlust/2007/amritsar), Rajasthan Desert Drive (http://hayath.com/wanderlust/2006/rajasthan), Delhi - Narkanda Drive (http://hayath.com/wanderlust/2006/narkanda), Kashid Car Camping (http://hayath.com/wanderlust/2008/kashid).