Our Introduction

Aadil is the essence of overconfidence! Fast food and fast cars are his instant gratification. At 26, pursuing his Ph.D, Aadil is an entrepreneur running two start-up ventures. He calls himself speculation, adventure and the spirit of pursuit. Saniya though calls Aadil an incorrigible nincompoop. Saniya got married to Aadil in April 2009. She loves him, adores him and yet every now and then growls, browls and fouls at him. Her smile tells it all - charming, rendezvous and delightful company - thats Saniya for you. She loves heading out on long drives and can dance till world ends. Aadil on the other hand, says he can eat till the world ends! Aadil and Saniya are here to have a whale of a time driving the Mitsubishi Cedia and winning this competition. They think this is their idea of a perfect romantic getaway!