Our Introduction

I am Abhigyan Jha. Writer, Director, Producer and Publisher. She is Mrinal Jha. Writer, Publisher and Oracle. (as in fortune teller) I used to make the Late Night Comedy Show : Movers & Shakers. She has written more than 7000 epsiodes of TV serials. I made the Engish Feature Film: Sacred Evil. She created Ramola Sikand. Killed Tulsi Virani. Together, we have written 4 books : November Rain, The Prayer, Soul Search Engine and For The Class of 2010, under our pseudonym Al Raines. All the books have hit various bestseller charts on Amazon at different times. November Rain is the only Indian English novel to have become a Prime Time TV series in India. Tum Bin Jaoon Kahan ran for 300+ episodes on zee TV. In 2007, Mrinal and I founded India's hottest new Publishing imprint "undercover utopia". We have been a couple since before the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Internet. since I was 17. We live in Mumbai with our 14 year old daughter Vedica, on in an apartment on the 22nd and 23d floor, where our private temple overlooks The national Park Hills where the sunrise is spectacular every day. We own 4 cars including a Tata Safari and yes, a Mitsubishi Cedia Sports.