We are the best candidates because..

There are plenty of reasons for us being the best candidates! I bring in the experience needed to make a memorable trip across 3000kms while Dipna's first major road trip brings in all the freshness and excitement we could want! Right from holidaying in Munnar, to backpacking in Cambodia, to having beer at Oktoberfest (Munich) to doing the worlds highest bungy jump in Macau to scuba diving with whales in Philippines, we have done a lot of traveling, but never together as a team. This is our chance not only to discover the people, places, food and culture where we travel, but also discover each other. My photography and writing skills are definitely an asset, since that is what I do for a living. At the same time, the trip would be a perfect opportunity for Dipna to learn more photography and also help me rediscover travel photography in a way. Also, depending on Dipna's mood, we may end up shaking a leg (in my case the left leg) with the people wherever we travel! Do expect some dance blogs! All what we want is a car, camera, laptop and a license to travel for gdc! A car, camera, laptop and a road is all what we need! And yes, we do get lost at times and do think it was intentional.