Our Travelogue

We have touched almost all every beauty of nature like Mountains (Manali), Wildlife (Kaziranga), Ocean (Goa), Desert (Jaipur), Koorg and Water Fall (Jog Falls) and many more in the past. Manali was an amazing trip as we went driving all the way from delhi to manali at one go...what a journey!!!! We love going to Goa a lot as it is one of the most beautiful and adventourous places in India. On weekends we enjoy going to nearby places like jaipur agra to relax ourselves!!! Kaziranga- a must go safari.. with lots of rhinos, elephant grass...!!!! If anybody wants to see Niagra falls in cheap budjet then must go to Jog Falls and treck till the bottom to have real fun and adventure..... Outside India, got the chance to visit Shanghai...to meet altogether a different culture...eating frog soups...snakes as snacks, Dog and Duck as there meals...But a very beautiful place!!!!