We are the best candidates because..

One, we really want to do this and two, we really do! Me, Bala - I am busy traveling, photographing, or away in the jungle every time I get a chance to step out from my day job. And then on my way back from these trips, I blog. Kavi (she somehow does not like how Cauvery sounds) is always ready for the pictures that I bring, and then laughs the way she does. She is what may be called direction-challenged, but is so much a sport and so full of energy, that there couldn't be a better person to sit on that other seat in the front; the kind that makes the drive smoother by just being there, if you know what I mean. Kavi is so good at spotting people, and is so naturally friendly that my shots can be real and easy. We love rock 'n roll, and we LOVE to travel, and we think this drive is made for us.