Our Travelogue

Trip 1 - Lansdownie When 21-22 Jan 2006 From: Gurgaon To: Lansdownie My first tour from Mumbai to Delhi & Lansdownie was our first north trip together in the cold winters of January & we freezing at 4 degrees. It was a surprise trip arranged by Harpreet for me. We took off on road from Gurgaon early morning & covered the 2 days trip to this beautiful place where I got my first ever glimpse of the Himalayas. How can I forget that moment! The sunrise view of the Himalayas at 6:00am from the Tip-in-Top point was simply mind blowing. Trip 2 - England When 15-24 June 2007 Harpreet & I have many cherished memories but the most memorable is our trip to London. London is my most favorite city in the whole world. In the 10days spent there we did everything from visiting the famous tourist places to exploring towns outside London like Isle of Wight, Cambridge, Wales & Bath. Our last day trip to Bath is the most breathtaking one. We still smile when we remember it. We hired a bicycle locally & took a good long drive from Bristol to Bath. We passed the country side green open fields with cattles & horses grazing. We climbed the mountain, ran down the hill & out of the forest with a fear of missing our last bus back home. That all was worth doing. It was one heck of an experience. Trip 3 - Peb - Matheran Trek When: 22 June 2008 From: Mulund, Mumbai To: Matheran, Maharashtra Trek to the Peb Mountain near Matheran was Harpreet & my first trek together and we enjoyed every bit of it. Monsoon is the best season for a trek in the mountains around Mumbai. With the light showers, cool breeze, and greenery to sooth your eyes, it feels simply amazing. Peb-Matheran trek has been my most adventurous and wonderful trekking experience so far. Trip 4 - Udaipur - The Lake City When: 7-8 Dec 2008 From: Delhi To: Udaipur Udaipur, the Lake city and even more is a wonderful place to visit. The pollution free beauty, the calm & easy life makes Udaipur as my weekend holiday recommendation. We had been there for a friend's wedding after which we escaped our way to explore the city on a hired motorcycle bike. The most amazing part was climbing the steep Sajjangad mountain to reach the fort with a bike drive at 80kms. Hats off to Harpreet! Trip 5 - Damdama Lake Sohna When: 25 Dec 2008 From: Gurgaon To: Damdama Lake It was Christmas day & an outing was a must. We decided to explore a closer destination as it is quite famous in Gurgaon. A one day road trip by car passing through green country side to reach the lake was worth it. Trip 6 - Jaipur - The pink City When: 1 July 2009 From: Gurgaon To: Jaipur city Our recent mid week trip to the pink city of Jaipur was a good one day escape from work routine. We visited the Amber fort & Hawa Mahal. No No to guided tours. The huge palace/fort is worth visiting. The pink market place in the evening is damn busy with vehicles & people around. Perfect place for photography. We just love being in such places.