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We love cars and live cars.Both of us love travelling and the outdoors.My dream is to buy a Mitsubishi Cedia Sport.To explain this i have to go back a few years when i barely could drive and did not know which car to choose.That's when a friend of mine had bought a diesel lancer in kerala.I loved the looks of the vehicle and his praises for the vehicle (which now has lived to 2 Lakh plus kms and is more refined than his safari 2.2 recently bought) made the deal for me. it was the most good looking and balanced design.That's when i picked up a used lancer SFXI petrol storm yellow.It had run 80K kms at that time, that's the vehicle which taught me how to drive like a pro.I learnt about racing lines and riding the torque-power curve and the perfect gear shifting with the help of this car which was very forgiving for a novice like me.Lancer can make a good driver out of an average one and i learnt the basics of enthusiastic driving.It is after buying this car that i came to know about WRC and the wins of Lancer and Tommy Makinen.This vehicle accompanied me for almost two years and once it crossed 1.5 lakh kms it was sold.This is when a lot of people who own skodas are crying after 50K kms! I was extremely impressed by the fact that even now the vehicle is running trouble free apart from normal servicing and some wear and tear parts replacement.That made me beleive that my next vehicle has to be a Mitsubishi.At first i did not consider Cedia as it was not advertised so much and massively under rated.But a test drive of this amazing machine made me and my wifey drool over it and dream about that red cedia sport.We are saving up enough money to buy this car someday.I am a part of Team-BHP.com an online community of car enthusiasts. It is our love for this car,the legacy of mitsubishi racing and the possibility of driving this car for days which prompted us to join the contest.If i win this contest i will use this money to buy a red cedia sport the same day. .You can read my review of this amazing machine here.It is a part of my blog that was posted more than a year back. http://www.minglebox.com/blog/summerof69_4u/post/mitsubishi_cedia_test_drive