Our Travelogue

We have travelled extensively within India to places like Agra's Taj Mahal with sack shoes in order to save our feet from burning on the hot marble, Nainital's Zoo seeing some of the rarest of animals only seen in books before, Jaipur's Forts with enjoyment of cold sweet lassi in the scorching sun, Shimla's mountainous terains, Mussourie's famous Kempty Falls among half naked fellow men and women desperately looking out for relief from summer heat, Jodhpur also known as the blue city comprising of surprisingly similar blue houses. Outside India I have been to countries of Europe and have explored beautiful cities like Salzburg, Munich, Nurenburg, etc. Our most memorable travel experience is our Honey Moon. We went to Australia, Hong Kong and Macau. The handfeeding of kangaroos, photography session with Koala, Aboriginals' dance show in the Adventure Park, Warner Brothers' theme park with thrill rides, beaches of Australia; Disneyland, shopping arcades, terrace view from the famous Peak of Hong Kong; The grand Venetian Hotel with its even more grand casino and gondola ride of Macau remain the best highlights of our trip/