We are the best candidates because..

We bring the best and worst of Driving to the table. I like to fly my car and my partner has not spared a model of cars. the sleeker ones have been touched (and sometimes kissed) by her car. (to save your car, vote for her) I don’t know that we are the best couple – but ya we are defiantly different, i love driving and wife loves accidents…. But believe me she is more excited about the challenge than me, we really want to go for this challenge as I want to tell her both life and drive with me can be soo much fun. Otherwise I am one of you who feels that I am not in the right job I should have been a F1 Racer… ( so I am told). Oh, this obviously is NOT a sales pitch, am crazy bout gazettes in any form. As a kid, I wept for special spanner; as a birthday gift, I wanted a drill machine. The only thing which I could understand in my science class was the running of the internal combustion engine.