Our Travelogue

The Nilgiris is our favourite drive for long weekends.There have been many trips up to the Blue Mountains, usually via Mysore, but there have been times we made it via Coimbatore so we could eat biryani at Thambiannan. We've been awe-struck by the breath-taking beauty of the Grand Canyon. Sat cross-legged on the floor and been enthralled by a jazz band in Preservation Hall, New Orleans. Watched Hamlet enacted on Boston Common as part of Shakespeare in the Park, while munching on hotdogs. Seen great creativity and drama displayed at the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village, New York City. Picked sea glass on the beach in Goa. It's true when they say the best things in life are free. Our travel memories are intertwined with some memories of food and drink: the fantastic chocolate desserts at Max Brenner in Singapore, the satay and kaya balls in the Pasar Malaams of Kuala Lumpur. Ramesh has his name on a board in a bar on Boracay island , Philippines for knocking back fourteen lethal cocktail shots.