Our Travelogue

Travelling does not just add another country on your passport, or another dot on the map you have crossed, or to make interesting conversations over malt or coffee. An observant travelling mind sees more than is visible, absorbs more than is possible and rejoices more than is discernible. . Thanks to CATS, we have had the opportunity to explore quite a few off-beaten tracks in the north of India. From rambling through the hidden Nepli jungle within our city boundary and the quaint hill station of Kasauli and Morni Hills many a Sundays, we have also chartered the UNESCO’s World Heritage Kalka-Shimla train for heritage walk in the British summer Capital Shimla, to visiting the wetlands of Harike Pattan to spot fresh water dolphins. We have explored the natural Habitat in The Great Himalayan National Park, camped in the jungles of Tirthan Valley, done rafting in freezing cold waters of Ganga, Beas and Indus. Most memorable and the trip which cemented this friendship beyond acquaintance is the 13 days motor expedition covering 3340kms last year (Chandigarh-Manali-Leh-Kashmir-Chandigarh). . Together we have also indulged in many adventure sport activities such as trekking, Biking, Hiking, Rambling, rafting, river crossing, valley crossing, rock climbing, rappelling, parasailing, snow surfing, motor expeditions, car rally, paragliding, diving, snorkelling, paint balling to name a few. We have had the thrill of kissing various peaks between 9000ft-14000ft above sea level; namely Shali Peak, Har Ki Doon, Kedar Kantha, Giri Ganga, Chandrashila, Snowdonia, Scafell Pyke, Blue Mountains. . Otherwise, I have spent many a vacation in the Far East, from absorbing the magnanimity of the Great Wall of China to exploring the bylanes of Bangkok, from drinking snake’s blood in Singapore and shopping for pirated software in Malaysia to indulging in bar-hopping in Switzerland. The compulsive explorer, Supreet has had the geographical advantage having lived in UK for over a decade. Counting pennies during the running semester, she would pay for fortnightly trips to various British towns. If Scottish Highlands are mesmerizing, Welsh countryside is scenic Lake district is picturesque, ‘Chhatri’ the marble war memorial for the war dead from the Indian subcontinent in Brighton is poignant, Windsor and Oxford are unashamedly English and ofcourse London is charming. . Away from UK, Supreet has travelled extensively to both East and West Coast of US. Ironically, a hurricane would hit US everytime she visited. Canada is awfully serene. Bahamas is scenic but driving through ghettos of St. Lucia was scary. Stayed in Paradise Island like Robinson Crusoe by surviving on what grew on the small Island. Do you know that Denmark never had a king called Hamlet? Drove into Sweden through an under water tunnel was a novel experience, driving fearlessly on the highways of Germany was exhilarating, going to France and Belgium in the Eurostar offered an opportunity to realize how apart from the language on the signboards, the architecture and topography changes as one moves from one country to the other, from a moving train. . Standing at the seashore monument where VascoDaGama had left Portugal and found his sea route to India was memorable, just as it was to spend 4 days living with the native Portugese in the jungle. Liberal Dubai may be shoppers delight but it offers the best gastronomic treats of the world in the Gulf. From the fashion capital Milan through numerous small sleepy villages back to Rome to explore the ruins. Spirit of Spain is as evident in Barcelona as is in Ville de Mear, just that the food gets cheaper and wine is brewed at home. . The passion for travelling has indeed enriched our lives, made us more observant and tolerant of everything that is not native to us. We look forward to continuing through this adventurous journey to explore much more about our own country with delight.