Our Introduction

"Zinaida! You, me. Mitsubishi! 3000kms. 4 days to go." Roohshad tells me at 01.28AM, Saturday. Roohshad is primarily an adventurer, a (ridiculously brilliant) photographer, artist and sometimes human. Based in Bangalore, he's the centre of attention, and a big brat! I'm a DJ, a partner in Goa's biggest nightlife firm, a writer (and an angel of the lord). When not being awesome, I sing, play the Piano and drive better than your better than average man. Appropriately, I'm born an based in Goa. Between the two of us, we've traveled most of this lovely planet and eagerly await the technology to cover the next. We are the right mix of all the wrong things. When placed on 4 wheels and powered by a nice engine, the likelihood of drama is compounded.