We are the best candidates because..

Each one feels like an ideal contestant out here. Why risk losing an opportunity as such without exploring it? Zest for driving and adventure brings us on this road to explore our untouched sides. Late night drives amidst dense jungles, stretches of hair pin bends chills our spine with excitement. The luscious nature and its beauty has been captured in our minds forever. Risky drives are truly memorable and will be cherished for a lifetime. What’s life without photography? We have the zeal to imprison everything beautiful, unbelievable and astonishing in our cameras. I remember that this thirst once almost cost me my life. Driving along the forest of Madumalai , trying to click a close picture of a heard of wild elephants with its new born calf and being chased was not easy absolutely. I had to drive on a reverse gear for over half a kilometer to save my life….I must say, it was worth it all and lovely. Such venturesome travelling is seldom discovered if never tried. We are a couple with a “ Never say No” attitude which speaks for itself.