Our Introduction

On paper, we're certfied geeks but in real life we're hopelessly animate & fun. We met 4 years back on a train to IIM Calcutta, and life's been a roller coaster ever since. After troubling family & friends for 3 long years we finally got married a few months back. Norbert on Vani: My favourite girlfriend (some might say "wife") is a girl's girl. Everything has to be pink. The frillier the better. Cosmo, Vogue, Chanel - she has a PhD in chickology. But she ain't fragile! We once did a hitchhiker-style journey from Munnar to Pondicherry - west to east coast almost entirely on bus - we must've changed 20 buses. Sweat, grime - nothing could bring our energy level down. Cocktails on the beach at 12 - we ended it in style ;-) Oh, and she also somehow manages an investment banking job. Yep, she's definitely the cutest geek I know :-) Vani on Norbert: The first time I saw him, I thought "Attractive, Funny, Smart and musician..Is he Mr. Right?"- Little did I know that he was Mr. Always Right. BTech & MTech from IIT Kanpur in Math & Computing (NERD!!), He's an investor on weekdays and a rocker on weekends. He owns more guitars than I hairpins.His personality is a great mix of his Mangalorean roots, West Asia upbringing, SE Asia politeness and Kanpur-iya lingo. He's travelled far & wide - and you can see a little bit of everyplace in him.