Our Introduction

Both of us work with i2 Technologies, Bangalore as Supply Chain Consultants. YAWN..same boring IT job!!!?? Naaaaaaaaah!!! We LOVE our jobs and i2 :) as it helps shift our coordinates and lets us do what we like the most in our free time - travel, experience, explore and search the soul. Present location: Shenzhen, China for me; Minnesota, US for Prachi. I cannot think beyond the mountains, beaches, wildlife and historical sites and she - well what the heck, she would be interested EVEN in peering into a Taliban kitchen, given a chance - basically anything on earth. When it comes to travelling, I plan,decide, take a map,leave. Never lost.... She wakes up: hmmm...nice day, throws her pack on bag and leaves. 10% of times lost without a GPS, cellphone!!! Nevertheless both of us love to soak and meander solo and this is going to be our first combined trip. Can't wait to be in India and on the road again!!