Our Travelogue

Prachi: Have been clocking miles on land as a runner/hiker,an avid car/motorbike driver and an occasional biker; on water as a swimmer; on air as a frequent flyer and as a very amateur private pilot's license trainee....Born to flow, to run, to be on move incessantly....Have studied, worked and travelled extensively in Canada and US. I have slept under the pink and green northern lights blazing the summer dark night prarie skies and I have been clearing trails at boundary waters. A bouncer at the university pubs, a choir member of church ( with no sense to read music)... I have been a traffic coordinator, a national forest service volunteer, a certified chain sawyer. From east coast Toronto and the awesome Niagra to the west coast Vancouver and the grand Rocky mountains.From Seatle to New York, Boundary Waters- Minnesota to Florida beaches, North Carolina to California, I have soaked in the geography, the culture and the nature's bounty. Solo backpacked 8 countries in Europe: rowed gandolas in Venice, climbed the tower of Pisa, Eifel Tower, kissed the sun and made love with the Alps in switzerland, mingled with the Chinese in Beijing for a year and saw the city deck up for olympics, snorkeled in Redang, Malaysia, Parasailed on Phuket, Goa, Puerto Rico and Greek island beaches. Drove around in Singapore, Island hopped in HongKong.White water rafted in Austria, US, India. Sky dived in North Carolina, US. Toured Kathmandu. Train journeyed/motor-biked and hiked through and through in India. The thirst to be one with the planet remains unsatiated. VEERA: Have set foot on every continent except africa (although it will be done soon ... hopefully). I have seen the Kargil peaks & the 3 seas at Kanyakumari, marvelled at the rhino in Assam, camped out 5 nights alone in Alaskan (Denali national park) with grizzly bears, been chased by wild elephant in Indira Gandhi national park, stared into the depths of Grand Canyon in Arizona and gazed at worlds tallest peaks in Nepal. Mountain biked 680 kilometers from Shimla to Manali; 540 kilometers from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C. I have travelled to remote villages in Bihar (also Bodh gaya, parasnath, and the ancient nalanda university), Bengal and Assam. Most memorable experiances have been meeting gun trotting maoist rebels after I accidentally strayed into Nepal, and being picked by by an military helicopter while hiking in Korea (on a mistaken identity case). I have experianced hail storm, icy rain, gails up (at 4000 mts above MSL) to 100 kmph all in space of 4 hours. Have driven 1000+ miles in 2 days ... from Kansas to Denver and back through the American midwest in inclement weather. From Niagara falls to florida keys over a week's time stopping here and there at random. I love history and photographing history, Konark is by far my favourite place on earth, though Cambodia is a close second. I have covered the south, north and east India quite well, somehow western and central India have eluded me ... well, so far.