Our Introduction

If her parents named their kids after cars, she would be called Tesla Roadster - that's Geeta for you. Fast, very efficient, and expensive to take to the showroom. If his folks did the same, he would be called Alfa romeo - innovative, sporty and compact (!!!) - that's Vibhor for you. She grew up in Goaah! like an obedient daughter "dad's-pet-ideal-child" - studying at home, when she was done studying at the school. Of course, there was an "occasional" visit to the beach once EVERY DAY ;) He grew up like a brat, spending time inside cars WHENEVER he could - moving or stopped, open or locked, windows down or gasping for air,.... He learnt driving by the age when its illegal even to sit on the front passenger seat. Of course like a good citizen, he obeys 99.99% of traffic laws. For a living, she leaves behind bugs within software programs and he tries to sell those applications. Thankfully, we do this for different organizations :) We live in Delhi with our Mom, Dad and 3-year old volcano. When he is not erupting he plays with anything (toy) that has tires - from tractor to formula one car.