We are the best candidates because..

Anushka & me, the lovely but raw, wild & adventure seeking crazy couple always hinting each other at planning to load our REAR SEATS with our luggage & go on an escapade. Rear seats cos we dont want anybody else to accompany us ;-) and keep the boot just to dump all the things we pick up on the way. As soon as we got to know about TGDC the first thing we checked was my K1000 INRC Rally dates. Fortunately it dint coincide with TGDC dates!!! But now I feel,we would have chosen TGDC even otherwise :-). The TGDC 12 day drive theme is so much like us that we feel its designed just for us both and we are THE BEST SUITED CANDIDATES. so guys please, please vote. I especially love to do the most interesting and enjoyable thing ......... driving & Anushka to sit in the co-driver seat and navigate and clicking away pictures which are sometimes incredible & sometimes funny & sometimes only to be deleted :-) !!!!!!!! It doesnt matter if we are driving on the highways or the country side - dirt or tarmac.......... the horizon as the target, the never ending roads that take us to places & let us explore, memorize & learn about different people, culture, cuisine, terrains, places & dive into delicious ripe history very different from our high school grade boring lessons.