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Why and How did TGDC happen to us ?

Posted By gaurav
When I first heard about TGDC , I was busy founding a new non-profit project 'Mudcake Fund' under the aegis of my NGO 'Humlog' and also my friend Elena was looking for funding source to help out a few slum kids with their medical and surgical treatments which was very expensive and out of their reach. Also we were anyhow planning to catch up around August. So I asked her if she would be interested in taking up this challenge ! Without giving a second thought she was game for this adventure, more so when I shared my vision about committing the fund to the cause we both are working on ! So I filled in the application.. and used my social networks to reach out to friends seeking Votes !! Elena has been keeping real busy all these days and working real hard so hardly any votes came from her friend circle. ( Let her save energy to put to better use during the travel !! ) But her constant push and enquiry about what is going on around at TGDC was enough to keep me glued to our mission. Some how I strongly felt from the starting itself that number of Votes won't be as big a criteria a people are expecting it to be I didn't try hard to push our numbers ! We had modest 300 + numbers of votes . What really touched me .. were the 50 Strong testimonials we guys received. Each one of the testimonial made me realize that my dear most friends have a lot of hopes from me, many youngsters from my city look up to me. Many of the testimonials touched me and left my eyes moist ! Some how, luck favored too and we are here today, in top 12 waiting to be in final 3 and then of course to the Top ! Anything less than that won't be exciting or worth enough ! We strongly believe that ' What you can not part away with, never belongs to you ' . The WHOLE Award money is committed to a non-profit public Charitable Trust Humlog. This shall support 'The Mudcake Fund' ( ) too; the fund to feed and educate poor slum kids, orphans and street children. Our nation has given us the best of places to visit and enjoy, this journey is to 'Give Back' to the nation... So get ready for the 'Karmic Ride' with us ! And also I dedicate this travel to those Travel Enthusiasts, who couldn't make to this level but still are around us supporting and cheering us up with all the possible warmth. Their love means a lot ! Peace n joy, gC

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About us

Gaurav is a Chandigarh based Social activist ,filmmaker and a trained Doctor . He runs an NGO called Humlog ( we the people ) . Elena is based at Kolkata , works for her company till the evening and then she turns into a 'Bare-foot Doctor' for the slum kids around. We kindly request our dear friends and well wishers to NOT to cast multiple fake votes from their different IDs, that would do NO good to us . Please mind it !


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