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02:56 PM
05 August 2009
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Audition -Final day

Posted By poonam

We slept after 5.30 post completing our blog. Got up again at 8.30 to get ready for the outdoor obstacle activity. The activities were tiring but fun, a combination of physical activities with mental alertness.

After jumping and running through the tires, we had to fill bottles with water using a shallow plate from a tub kept 100 metres away. After that we had military style crawling task and finally solving a jig-saw puzzle of Cedia. It was indeed testing exercise. Had loads of fun!

Post lunch, we had session with Jury, where we were grilled on our Mumbai 180 post. There was very positive feedback which will help us immensely going forward.

Finally, we were able to catch 3 hours of sleep post travelogue discussion!!

Now, we are headed out for the cocktail…and wait for the final 3 results!

10:00 PM
04 August 2009
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A Salute to the undying spirit of Mumbaikars…

Posted By rishi

Early in the morning we had an opportunity to discover Mumbai and Mumbaikars. Mumbai is a city which has risen like a Phoenix in spite of the challenges faced; be it Blasts, terrorist attacks or rain deluge.

During our 180 minutes drive through Mumbai, we clicked Mumbaikars who make this city so unique. The stark contrast between the haves and have-nots is inescapable. Here we share with you through a video and some vivid photos an account of the same.

It was a usual morning for Mumbai but very special to us since we got an opportunity to capture their mood, daily mundane chores and spirit to keep going…

The pace of the city is visible from the way people moved early morning.

It rains and the trains stop, but the brains go on..

We saw Mumbaikars working diligently to keep city alive.

The city has contrast views to offer of slums and high-rise, coexisting peacefully together. People utilizing whatever is available to them, and happy to share space.

Infrastructural development and changing phase of Mumbai is clearly visible, the way city is gearing up for future is tremendous.

Above all we were able to capture the moods of the people, while some were sombre, others were full of life…amazing people, great city!

The city is full of smiles, laughter and struggle for life too.

Down in the dumps in the slums, but never glum smile

Even the Slum Dogs are Millionaires

The zest for life is clearly visible everywhere, whether it is people living on footpath or the kids playing on streets.

We hope you enjoy our small effort showcasing Mumbai’s true spirit!

10:09 PM
03 August 2009
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Day-1 TGDC Audition…From Aamchi Mumbai

Posted By rishi

Met all the 10 other wonderful couples from different parts of India, believe me Jury is in for some sleepless nights because each one of us is equally deserving. We made new friends and never felt competition as everyone was just out there having fun.

We also met Bachi, Adil and Tanya. Impressive Jury, we have to ensure that we give it our best shot and work very hard.

Palms hotel is a beautiful property; ultra luxurious villa with personal pool is a real treat, delight and very inviting. It is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and scenery.

The day began with the breakfast after which we assembled at Jade hall where we were briefed for the day. The Encompass crew worked diligently in coordinating and arranging the entire event very effectively.

Here are some candid shots of the crew (don’t miss the beautiful Cedia Sports in background).

After the customary photo and video shoot. One of the tasks for the day was the driving test; this was conceptualized by none other than Adil Jal Darkhanawala himself. We had a humbling experience, the drive through the maze setup by Adil and team was very interesting and we had lots of fun.

The other task was to re-write the drive plan in a short and sweet document, so it was a good revision exercise.

As we end the day, we were left thinking…there is so much more to learn…

Keep watching and following this space for another report shortly.

PS: we have a long day starting 6.30 am, so time to hit the sac.

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04:43 AM
02 August 2009
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Life would be easier ...... if i could be cloned !

Posted By poonam

I am sure all 24 of us are sharing exactly the same thought.

TGDC , You are going to declare only 3 finalists but I can bet the
rest 9 couples would have have perfected the art of multitasking by
then(are you preparing us all for next season…i doubt it? the kind of
efforts put together in this whole exercise are in itself some big
achievements…many a lessons are learnt and some would be forgotten soon!

None of us would have ever thought we can do 2 full time jobs without
any weekends! ... or may be some more to handle? ...kids, parents,
home, school, office, bank, pet, car, and a very high Cedia Fever!!!

BPOs claim 24x7 funda at work….TGDC actually made sure everybody is just
so occupied that they breathe and sleep Cedia!

Didnt all 1000+ contestants did so?

We understand the gravity of GDC but is it bigger than life?


This is one opportunity which any car lover, traveller or anybody who
dreams for big things in life would like to grab without blinking eyes.
GDC is a revolution in the history of Marketing a product. All the
participants would 100% agree that they learnt some good lessons during GDC,
be it competing honestly , reaching out to friends and family and then
literally begging for votes and testimonials, actually walking while
talking!(huuuuuuge phone bills!),know how to get some soothing cool
therapy for those tired eyes from used tea bags or some fresh cucumber
slices(did any of you get any time to even realize the pain?...
my eyes have stopped complaining..they just wait for my hands to
open their favourite GDC site), all the teams with their followers
are just blogging and dreaming for that 10 day fully sponsored dream drive!

Now the fans and followers are too in the race….so many goodies for them
too to guess and rewards for luckily choosing the winning Team!....

Actually, GDC is not promoting to sell Sporty Cedia…Indeed, they are Running the biggest show in India internet world!

Educating the lesser computer-friendly part of community to gradually be perfect with skills to write,click,and BLOG!!

Above all, GDC is selling the Biggest dream to thousands of participants!!!

Making people remember Cedia forever….whenever its season for F1!

Lot more action comng your way…From Mumbai!

Bye for now, All the best to all of us!!

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Latest SMS Feeds

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 17th Aug 09 12:59:02 PM

Beautiful drive from Nashik to Bombay, one of THE best roads we have driven on!

From : TWaC

Sent : 17th Aug 09 12:40:00 PM

Had fallen in love with Cedia. Now, it s time for detachment.

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 16th Aug 09 03:20:55 PM

Bright, blue sky.. Cotton candy clouds.. We head to Nasik

From : TWaC

Sent : 16th Aug 09 01:30:31 PM

Heavy rains in Konkan. Near zero visibility.

From : TWaC

Sent : 16th Aug 09 11:58:04 AM

Back to Maharashtra

From : One Foot Wild

Sent : 16th Aug 09 08:27:16 AM

on the road again, heading from udaipur to baroda

From : TWaC

Sent : 15th Aug 09 04:28:50 PM

Rain welcomes us at Goa

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 15th Aug 09 03:54:33 PM

In pot-hole territory. Thank god we are on empty stomachs!

From : TWaC

Sent : 15th Aug 09 03:36:16 PM

Now on the fringes of Western Ghats

From : TWaC

Sent : 14th Aug 09 04:05:56 PM

Touched Kerala once more. At Bekal Fort

From : TWaC

Sent : 14th Aug 09 04:02:45 PM

Morning drive through misty Coorg

From : One Foot Wild

Sent : 14th Aug 09 01:31:24 PM

just reached jaipur... Its super warm here

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 14th Aug 09 01:17:21 PM

300km from home! :) :) racing to indore!

From : One Foot Wild

Sent : 14th Aug 09 12:18:33 PM

Still pouring, hoping its also raining in MP where the soyabean farmers are looking up hopefully at the sky

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 14th Aug 09 12:08:08 PM

2361 Shivpuri

From : One Foot Wild

Sent : 14th Aug 09 11:51:43 AM

Pouring all the way from Agra into Jaipur

From : One Foot Wild

Sent : 14th Aug 09 07:54:28 AM

On our way to Jaipur

From : One Foot Wild

Sent : 13th Aug 09 11:12:33 PM

Blogging! The bed beckons..

From : One Foot Wild

Sent : 13th Aug 09 07:46:54 PM

Just out after seeing the taj mahal!

From : TWaC

Sent : 13th Aug 09 04:51:36 PM

Madikkeri - Ghats, rains and pot-holed roads

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 13th Aug 09 04:10:44 PM

10km from Gwalior, pulled over by the police to be asked Kya yeh sports gaadi hai? ;D

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 13th Aug 09 03:43:28 PM

Had breakfast AND lunch today! Niiiice! :D

From : One Foot Wild

Sent : 13th Aug 09 12:38:26 PM

Still on the road to Agra...

From : One Foot Wild

Sent : 13th Aug 09 08:04:32 AM

Heading to Agra. Its going to be a long drive..

From : TWaC

Sent : 12th Aug 09 06:31:31 PM

On our way back to Mysore

From : TWaC

Sent : 12th Aug 09 05:35:06 PM

In Wayanad. Western Ghats Kerala episode

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 12th Aug 09 02:42:18 PM

Tan! Tandan!! .. Aaja aaja dilli chhodein! .. Delhi dropped from plans. We head straight to Agra!

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 12th Aug 09 01:46:03 PM

It s hot at the Hawa Mahal! :|

From : One Foot Wild

Sent : 12th Aug 09 12:59:33 PM

In Varanasi, walking along the ghats and looking at the Ganga

From : TWaC

Sent : 12th Aug 09 11:48:58 AM

Through Nagarhole National Park

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 12th Aug 09 11:41:21 AM

At Akad Cars, the Mitsu showroom. Mr. Abhinav, the MD, is tellim us the best way around Jaipur.

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 12th Aug 09 09:13:27 AM

Good morning world! We are in Jaipur! Today s objective: getting Joe a pink shirt/kurta ;)

From : One Foot Wild

Sent : 11th Aug 09 10:20:04 PM

In Varanasi, just got back to the room after the ganga aarti. Stunning.

From : TWaC

Sent : 11th Aug 09 09:03:36 PM

Swine flue alert in Hassan. We cancelled our stay and hit Mysore.

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 11th Aug 09 07:55:47 PM

On NH8, long day comin to an end.

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 11th Aug 09 04:51:56 PM

Dust storm outside, but IIM Outdoors is snugly cocooned in the Blackhawk :)

From : One Foot Wild

Sent : 11th Aug 09 04:06:41 PM

30kms from Varanasi and its pouring..

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 11th Aug 09 01:51:31 PM

Leaving Jodhpur ... On our way to Ajmer.. Hoping to visit the dargah today .. Jodhpur was beautiful! *sigh*

From : TWaC

Sent : 11th Aug 09 01:40:47 PM

Cedia Sports turns its SUV mode on. Climbs Kemmana Gundi peak.

From : One Foot Wild

Sent : 11th Aug 09 12:28:05 PM

Superbly bad roads on route to Varanasi. Soaking in the last sights of Madhya Pradesh.

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 11th Aug 09 12:20:07 PM

Just had a long conversation with Mr.Brijraj Singh - great-grandson of HRH Ratan Singh .. Visit to Mehrangarh Fort delayed

From : TWaC

Sent : 11th Aug 09 12:20:02 PM

Driving through coffee estates to Kemmana Gundi peak

From : TWaC

Sent : 11th Aug 09 10:23:44 AM

Bhadra dam & WLS. Touch & go.

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 11th Aug 09 08:52:51 AM

Just got up, not a single post been uploaded so far, gotta hurry.. ttyl :)

From : One Foot Wild

Sent : 11th Aug 09 08:31:52 AM

Passing through the Panna Forest Reserve..stopped on a bridge..

From : One Foot Wild

Sent : 11th Aug 09 08:01:54 AM

Heading from Khajuraho to Varanasi..

From : One Foot Wild

Sent : 10th Aug 09 08:43:24 PM

Sitting at Raja Cafe having a European thali.. :)

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 10th Aug 09 07:56:44 PM

In Jodhpur old markets - SHOPPING!

From : TWaC

Sent : 10th Aug 09 07:50:45 PM

At Shimoga after a rainy day in rain forests

From : One Foot Wild

Sent : 10th Aug 09 07:40:11 PM

Back at the hotel after seeing the absolutely stunning temples of Khajuraho.

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 10th Aug 09 06:47:10 PM

As the sun sets, we enter Jodhpur, today s travel - 396km, but not feeling blue at all :)

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 10th Aug 09 04:50:05 PM

100 km away frm jodhpur, horrible truckyktraffic on the way. Had lunch for the second time in four days! :)

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 9th Aug 09 02:27:22 PM

Just had tea with Mr.Dhanraj Mallik, Rann veteran & advisor to the BBC. Right now, on our way to discover some salt pans, thts how we spend our Sunday! ;)

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 9th Aug 09 12:05:24 PM

On state highway 07. Namrata s driving while I m writing and Enrique s crooning.

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 8th Aug 09 07:30:34 PM

At the Vintage Villa of classic cars, droolin over the sports tourers. Got here after blastin the 88km NE1 Expressway in 42mins! Cedia, take a bow!

From : TWaC

Sent : 8th Aug 09 12:01:23 AM

Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary A manmade forest spread over 84 sq km A haven for deers peacocks an many birds

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 7th Aug 09 10:25:40 PM

Ab hum bhi poore punjabi! ... Current track: Kangana .. For Gaurav from Chandigarh :)

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 7th Aug 09 09:56:45 PM

Just discovered d USB connector for the blackhawk s music sys... one of d best moments of d day! :D

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 7th Aug 09 05:28:25 PM

Reached our first destination Daman, it even has its own airport! :)

From : TWaC

Sent : 7th Aug 09 04:38:22 PM

We haven't heard the 'Suprabhatham' chant for many many years. While we were in Chennai and Kerala we used to hear that quite often. First day morning. And as we walk into this nice restaurant at Vashi for breakfast, the 'Suprabhatham' chant welcomes us. Perhaps a good omen on the first stop on first day.

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 7th Aug 09 04:19:19 PM

Just drove 21 km in our cedia, for the very first time! This vehicle is just so smooth!! :) 50 km from Daman. Joe s taken over coz we have to reach by 12

From : IIM Outdoor

Sent : 7th Aug 09 03:09:15 PM

Good morning! :) on our way frm thane to vapi. Jus done upma n rawa dosa at Kamat Vithals. Catch the pic on our flickr n twitter!

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Audition -Final day

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Salute to the undying spirit of Mumbaikars…

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Day-1 TGDC Audition…From Aamchi Mumbai

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Life would be easier ...... if i could be cloned !

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Khajjiar –The Switzerland of India

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Thank God, it’s Friday :)

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Kalatop, a Hidden Treasure in Woods above Clouds…

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Cedia’s Rally Pedigree Cousin -spotted on my way

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“The Great Indian Discovery Trail” part-1…some Food for Thought

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2009 The Automatic Karma! Revisited after 3 years!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

White water rafting at Rishikesh –a memoir from past.

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This is no war!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Date with Cedia Sports

Sunday, July 26, 2009