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Thanks, We are in Top 12… Now, We need your support to make it to the final 3. Here is how

Posted By rishi

As we move to next phase of the contest i.e Auditions at Mumbai. It is very important that we make a team now. The team with friends following our blogs, photos and videos. Here I am putting the process together to help you sign up and let us all get together as a team to make it to next phase. Thanks.

type https://greatdrivingchallenge.com in your browser’s address bar.

Click on “BECOME A FOLLOWER” box.

If you are a existing participant enter your email id in the input text box and enter password. Go to step-5. In case you are not an existing participant go to step-4.

Click on “Not a member? Sign up now!” link, this would take you to next page which is https://greatdrivingchallenge.com/fan-signup enter your details and you are all set for next step.

Take out 5-15 minutes everyday to follow our progress to the final drive of top three. As a follower you stand to win prizes everyday as well as grand prizes if we make it to final three or if we win the contest.

If we win, we have a cause close to our hearts that we will share with you at the appropriate moment.

I know we can count on friends like you to take us to next level.

-Rishi and Poonam smile


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About us

We are Poonam and Rishi Kapoor from the northern part of beautiful India. Rishi is a technocrat and Poonam, a homemaker. We love cars and own 3 of them with 322 horses (BHP)! And as they say, “getting there is half the fun”, traveling is our passion and we love to drive.

We have driven extensively around North India, mapped Uttrakhand, Uttranchal, J&K and Himachal and in the West we have chartered the famous Ghats, hills, deserts and coastline of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan. We plan to discover the charming South and the evergreen North-East in the coming times.

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