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Pre-Audition activities going on at IBIZA

Posted By tirthankar

Team DRIVOBLOGGERS decided to go on a ‘greenspiration’ before the ‘big one’. So we decided to travel to Ibiza Club, on NH117 a lush green Resort in South 24 PGS District in WB.


One has to ‘be there’ to believe what it is like to immerse in acres of expansive greenscapes.

From South Kolkata, we took James Long Sarani and then continued on Diamond Harbor Road till Amtala X-ing and there we were just 25 away from our home, but in a Tropical Paradise. Tomorrow will be an extended weekend for us and we hope to give our minds some rest to prepare for the ‘big day’. Its raining here so not much of photography, so we settle for ‘Malamaal Weekly’ movie on TV. Sorry Honey, its better to dream of getting ‘malamalled’ than singing ‘Blame it on the rain’.

As for all of you enjoy the photoblog:

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Wedlocked since 3 long years, Mrs. Basu is an Ex-Kingfisher and I am a 'Dreamer' - of a DEVELOPED INDIA.

Our reasons to travel by road range from pure utilitarian to holidaying to just avoid carting around luggage on platforms and terminals. I suffer from 'Anti-Motion Sickness' which is a situation where one gets restless and lethargic, if not on the move (whether by Rail, Air, or Road).


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