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10:00 PM
04 August 2009
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A Salute to the undying spirit of Mumbaikars…

Posted By rishi

Early in the morning we had an opportunity to discover Mumbai and Mumbaikars. Mumbai is a city which has risen like a Phoenix in spite of the challenges faced; be it Blasts, terrorist attacks or rain deluge.

During our 180 minutes drive through Mumbai, we clicked Mumbaikars who make this city so unique. The stark contrast between the haves and have-nots is inescapable. Here we share with you through a video and some vivid photos an account of the same.

It was a usual morning for Mumbai but very special to us since we got an opportunity to capture their mood, daily mundane chores and spirit to keep going…

The pace of the city is visible from the way people moved early morning.

It rains and the trains stop, but the brains go on..

We saw Mumbaikars working diligently to keep city alive.

The city has contrast views to offer of slums and high-rise, coexisting peacefully together. People utilizing whatever is available to them, and happy to share space.

Infrastructural development and changing phase of Mumbai is clearly visible, the way city is gearing up for future is tremendous.

Above all we were able to capture the moods of the people, while some were sombre, others were full of life…amazing people, great city!

The city is full of smiles, laughter and struggle for life too.

Down in the dumps in the slums, but never glum smile

Even the Slum Dogs are Millionaires

The zest for life is clearly visible everywhere, whether it is people living on footpath or the kids playing on streets.

We hope you enjoy our small effort showcasing Mumbai’s true spirit!

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04 August 2009

I just don’t know which words to use to describe the feeling…

After sifting through the pictures, thought it’s just another blog. But, once played the video, i realised the gravity of the context.

Mumbai is copiously inhabited by variants of phoenix personalities who never die and always thrive as shown in the video; the dubbawallas, Vada-Pav stall, Chai walla, seniors, children,  doodhwalla, auto drivers, Best buses, rag-pickers, subji-wali bai, pan wallas, naka check posts, street smart boys, politicians, trade unions, religions, cultures, beaches, hoardings, high rises, artisans, local trains, yellow-black cabbies, slum dwellers, and all the small people who makes the big difference in keeping this huge city thrive and strive to new heights ever and ever again……

Numerous hues of mumbai’s life strewn across the city’s landscape, in their impeccable depiction tantamount to old adage of “phoenix life”, never to stop never to die in resounding admonition to it’s detractors……!!!

Mumbaikars are the true champions…...!!!

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05 August 2009

A powerful reminder that behind the glitter there is a lot of sweat and dirt, there are so many ordinary people who keep a city ticking, their lives different and difficult. Poonam & Rishi, that was a a thoughtful movie, provoking us to look beyond the cream and rouge.

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05 August 2009

Great Video Rishi !! Original Concept !! with reality !! ..i am impressed !

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05 August 2009

all the best for 2moro.

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05 August 2009

Nice pics Boss .. video looks awsom ..

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05 August 2009

Dear Rishi and Poonam,

We wish to say that we support You by all our hearts and minds. You can dare to dream so you can realise them too!

Your posts are original, photos real and, most importantly, they portray dream of an average Indian.

The average Indian’s ability to laugh even in worst circumstances, share the everyday sadness with friends & family, make the best of available opportunities and live with a titanium spirit despite all obstacles is what defines a true Indian.

The evergreen hard-work, strong will, sound morals and values combined with a lateral thinking should help modern India to evolve as a better society and overcome its weakness and prejudices.

Here we go then…three cheers to the common Indian spirit!!!

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