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02:13 PM
30 July 2009
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All that glitters

Posted By Vamsi & Charu
The temple at Amritsar must be the most peaceful place of worship I have ever been to, and certainly the cleanest. We visited twice during the day and again at night, especially to catch the reflected glow of the temple in the pool…

Gold framed

People were friendly and everyone we made eye contact with, smiled at us, and my bulky camera evoked a lot of interest.

He first glared at me, and then posed with a smile for my camera…

Standing guard

The temple at night


This is one of my all-time favorite images - it was not unusual to see people sitting by the pool, by the walls, either meditating or in silent prayer - somehow adding to the atmosphere of quiet and calm.



And in the market outside, this, and many interesting sights…

Off with his foot!

Off with his foot!

Posted by

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30 July 2009

What a beautiful post!! Lovely pictures. I love the portrait and the night shots of the temple.

Posted by

Dilip D'Souza

30 July 2009

Charu, I couldn’t agree more. A wondrous place, so welcoming and full of peace, and I say this as someone who has little patience for religion to start with.

But did you visit the Sikh museum inside the Golden Temple premises? The one jarring note there.

Good luck to you guys.

Posted by


01 August 2009

@vamsee, thank you! the temple is beautiful at night - everything is much quieter and the temple reflections in the pond look gorgeous…

@dilip, I didn’t think of th golden temple in religious terms - I was just so struck by the ‘clean’ and ‘quiet’...

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