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05:57 AM
04 August 2009
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Posted By Roohshad

Hurray, we’ve passed the first day!




Murphys Law states that when something goes wrong, it usually happens in the worse possible order! He was right, well, kinda!


Today we had our driving tests and had to work out and submit our route plans to the judges. Now you’d think driving a car on a regular road was easy, right? A few slightly steep turns, a couple of downhills, turn here, turn there, u-turn maaro, the usual, and, ummmmm, and obstacle course. I’d like you to imagine this, there I was, “Ace driver”, maverick behind the wheel, the gung-ho of street cars, the guys who’s taught almost all his friend how to drive, yes, that sooper dooper Mister Roohshad Garda, sitting behind the wheel, taking a SIMPLE driving test, and before he could even get to the obstacle course, he make a wrong turn, trips the engine (ok, so they tailored this one!!), forgot for a while which side of the road to drive on, and when this guru driver gets to the “piece of cake” obstacle course, he even manages to knock over one of the cones!!


*Take a bow Mister Garda! WAY TO GO!*


And i warn you commentators, if I see any more of you guys’ comments under this post, no cake and champagne party for you when we win!! HAHAHAHA….........


On a more serious note, I had a ball of a time. I don’t know what got over me in the beginning and why I was so stiff, but after having my tushy kicked by Zinaida and our (turns out he’s pretty cool) judge half way through the drive, I just let go and drove like I usually did, and everything was just fine after that—OH AND THEN I WENT OVER TWO NICE FAT BIG SPEED BREAKERS throwing everyone up in the car, introducing them to the lovely roof of our gorgeous red Cedia (and might i mention here, that the suspension managed that like a breeze).
So there you go. The driving test was passed with flying colors and was a great success. No, really!


JUDGES - The gorgeous Bachi Karkaria and super-cool Aadil Jal Dharkanawala !



And then we had to submit our route plans to the jury, and we had most of it ready, just had to make a few tweaks to the route and we were set to print, except, we couldn’t access the darn file! AND THEN, we cant access the internet, AND THEN the power keeps going on and off—locking us off the network until the IT guys comes along and warms his lap with the laptop trying to figure out why it doesn’t work, until we finally decided to give in to Murphy and just stick it out there to the judge and hope shes kind enough to see our case even without us having the documents we need. Now it was either my charming smile or Zinaida’s gorgeous eyes, but i think we managed to pass this one too smile





Think Spartan Hedgehogs, think! How do we submit our route plan in time with no connectivity!!!



Now, I know its not too late for us healthy young birds to blog, but I think I’m going to call it a night. Thank you guys for all the support, I know the whole sign-up process to this new blog is a bit of a yatch but thanks for taking the time, you guys have once again managed to make us number one with the highest followers and maximum likes. We
must obviously be doing something right and for that I wanna sneak in a special thanks to our family and our close friends, who’ve made us the nutters we are today.


Gonna leave you with some sneak-peaks of the excitement and stress building up at the “Jade Room”!





Route plans! Route plans! Route plans!




And more discussions on route plans! Phew!




Paying attention in class.




Pavithra is all ears. “Handbrake Harry” is all smiles.




Radhika, forcing a smile through all that tension.




Joe & Namrata in conversation with the judge - Tanya Chaitanya.




Rishi sending out a Hi Five to all you readers out there!



With all our love for our gorgeous little villa in Bollywood,

Roohshad & Zinaida

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04 August 2009

Great Report Guys. You guys captured what we could not.
Sorry to disappoint all your supporters out there, over the webcast.

Posted by

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05 August 2009

Good one Zinaida and Roohshad! Your pics and text have made me feel as i was there.  And I think it’s very sporting of you to put up pics of the other competitors too .. appreciate it.
Waiting for more.
Hit the Highway, Hedgehogs!

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