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01:38 PM
29 July 2009
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DRIVOBLOG® | Aeroslicing with a Torqueskate

Posted By tirthankar

You must be thinking, how could I miss the TD?  Well Here it is.

It was a rainy midafternoon on July 15, 2009 and I received a Cedia from Shah Automobiles at Kolkata, for a pre-intimated test drive.

Preferred the Demo Car.

I am not an automag journo, nor a rally driver.

Just a couple of days back I expressed my perceptions on the vehicle to a friend of mine, stating - “I have studied the tech-specs of the Cedia and can very well simulate the way the vehicle will handle during ‘spirited driving’ especially with the rear disc brakes and awesome torque.” And just as always, my expectations came true.

The torque curve of the Cedia is so flat that the car runs unhesitatingly in 4th gear at sub-1000 rpm doing sub 20 kmph crawls.

n fact it can do a smooth run from 20kmph to all the way upto 120 kmph in 5th gear.

The NVH is of a true Luxury Cruise (I am an absolute snob when it comes to assessing NVH and I mean strict Opel Astra benchmark, as I have owned one). The Road Noise was absolutely minimal.

The sports addons are true badges for what this torqueskate is capable of. And the fit and finish is so taut you will never be able to sense body rattles, cause there aren’t any.

The handling is just so good that it did not scare even as I was doing ‘point & shoot’ manoeuvres, threading through traffic.

I had always been seeing the Cedia being used by a particular class of people - as just another Luxury Mid-Segment Sedan, but this test-drive was an eye-opener.

In the end instead of summing up points after points, I will just say: Devour it to BELIEVE all this



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