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Posted By bharath

River rafting down the Upper Barapole River. Talk about fun! Quite an experience and well worth it, going through the rapids ...the only regret was that it didn’t last longer.
Living in the middle of nowhere has it’s advantages. I wonder if we can deviate from our travel plan and head off to Rishikesh to continue the rafting…. hmmm, not sure Radhika would really appreciate my fickle mind. Coming to think of it I’m not sure the organizers would appreciate my fickle mind either (I think I read a clause in the agreement which did mention that we had to bring the Cedia back in one piece).
What I am thinking about though is the weather which might affect the drive, adding to the whole adventure. Quite interesting reading the email from GDC about what to expect from the audition round, I’m pretty sure that I read “jumping” under the list of activities….. definitely looking forward to that! lol. In the interest of preparedness I’ve decided to hop around the place just to give me an edge over the other participants.
On a more serious note though, I would like to thank all the people that took time out to vote for us. For some reason none of my friends seem to be picking up my calls lately    

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28 July 2009

One foot wild huh?... i know both of you.. and you both have both your feet wild… one comes from the jungle estates.. and the other from the urban jungle.. Dude.. can i fit into the back seat with the raft?.. i could possible balance out the weight.. in the car.. and on the boat!

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29 July 2009

hmm.. coming to think of it, u ought to tell radhika that they serve good chai at rishikesh! thats sufficient to convince her to take the detour.. although the organizers might demand a bit more than that! smile

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