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The pitch that got us here

Posted By joseph

We are the best candidates because..we are NOT the best candidates for a rally drive.

We are not great drivers, not cornering champs and are utterly hopeless with our directional sense. We get stuck in traffic jams or get lost while driving for the weekend movie or end up in Timbuktu ‘cuz we never asked for directions. BUT we do believe that the journey is far more interesting than the destination. And we ensure that every single moment of that journey is captured. Engagingly, involvingly, passionately and entertainingly. We are writers. We are photographers. We are visual thinkers. We are story-tellers. We live for the moment and we live every moment.

We LOVE India. And we have travelled, worked and LIVED all over the real India - from the dirt-roads of rural eastern UP to the serene palm-tree-lined roads of coastal Andhra, from the scorching Delhi summers to the bone-chilling winters of Pahalgam, from the sweat and grime of Calcutta to the soul-cleansing air of the Himalayas, from the urban jungles of Mumbai to the wild corners of Corbett National Park, from the charming gallis of Hyderabad to the planned roads of Jamshedpur. East, north, west or south we have spent countless days interacting with people, learning India and coming back to tell everyone what we did, where we were and sharing every little slice of our lives.

BUT all that has come easy. Work has taken us to places we never knew existed while growing up meant celebrating almost every new year in a new house or a new city. The GDC gives us a chance to drive for the sake of driving; to visit some of the few places in India we have never set foot on. To stop going with the flow and take charge of our lives - if just for 12 days and 3000kms. We love telling the world about our lives. We live by showing the world a new perspective. We believe the internet is the awesomest invention of the past millenium - and the wheel in the millenium before that. We LOVE cars. We relate to the real India. We’ve been bloggers for 5 years, photographers for 6 years, best friends for 4 years and explorers for 25 years. And we’ve been driving Mitsubishis for 6 years.

This is not a driving challenge for us. It is who we are.

PS: We will do ANYTHING to skip work for 12 days - even write long boring manifestos to climb Mt.Everest!

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23 July 2009

test comment on joseph’s blog

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26 July 2009

All the best Joseph R and N Poddar !!

I wish if i could follow multiple couples who i like !!.....My wishes are with you even if i don’t follow you ........but you can’t escape either ! sight ! ....
You are there in Top 3 !! thats what i predicted long time back !!

Have a easy sunday !


Posted by

Joseph Radhik

27 July 2009

I thought you were following us Mr. Anand! Sudden change of heart? smile

Ah well, it is possible to change again if you so wish. Decide according to content finally, no compulsions obviously! :D

As for the Top 3, the race is really really tough from this point onwards.

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The pitch that got us here

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