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07:19 AM
30 July 2009
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Traveler Types! A fun quiz.

Posted By radhika

No two travelers are alike. Some like to soak up the rays on a white beach while others run from museums to archeological sites. Some swim with the dolphins while others would rather enjoy meals swimming in sumptuous sauces.
Since all 12 of us couples obviously enjoy traveling I thought it might be fun to see what travel personality types we belong to…

Select one choice for each of the questions below. Then check out the scoring section to determine your travel type. smile

1. When it comes to vacation dining:

a. You’d like to find out how to cook those decadent desserts yourself. (3 points)

b. You’re happy with a burger and a pina colada served on the beach. (1 point)

c. You’re game to try conch meat (yes, those things that look like really big snails) or unidentifiable fruits from the rainforest. (5 points)

d. You’d enjoy a bountiful buffet while watching islands in the distance. (2 points)

e. You prefer a quiet, candlelit restaurant. (4 points)

2. What do you think of Parasailing?

a. It’s great to watch from the beach. (1 point)

b. It’s OK to watch from a great distance. (2 points)

c. You’ve got to try it for the thrill. (5 points)

d. It’s interesting to read about. (3 points)

e. You want to meet that Nice looking man/woman who you saw Parasailing. (4 points)

3. Your idea of a terrific place to stay is:

a. A snug condo far from any bustling cities, with a fridge stocked with champagne. (4 points)

b. A well-appointed room with a view of the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum or Buckingham Palace. (3 points)

c. A thatched cottage on the beach with the sounds of the surf lulling you to sleep. (1 point)

d. A quiet cabin on a ship with the waves rocking you to sleep. (2 points)

e. A large tent in the jungle, with the roar of lions lulling you to sleep. (5 points)

4. Your idea of vacation entertainment is:

a. Non-stop glitzy shows, dancing and sports. (2 points)

b. Touring an art museum. (3 points)

c. Listening to lounge music at an club. (4 points)

d. Lying down on the beach. (1 point)

e. Flying in a helicopter over an erupting volcano. (5 points)

5. Your dream landscape:

a. Has breathtaking sunsets, a full moon and shimmering stars at night. (4 points)

b. Is a city skyline with breathtaking white marble monuments. (3 points)

c. Has swaying palm trees, turquoise waters and miles of shimmering sands. (1 point)

d. Is a sapphire-blue sea with islands on the horizon. (2 points)

e. Is filled with immense orchids, lush trees, and has a tiger or two in the distance. (5 points)

6. On vacation, you like to wear:

a. A wide assortment of brightly-colored bathing suits. (1 point)

b. Casual clothes in the daytime and elegant dresses at night. (2 points)

c. Sexy clothes all through the day and night.. (4 points)

d. T-shirts, hiking shorts and combat boots in the daytime and a mosquito net at night. (5 points)

e. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re experiencing something new each day. (3 points)

7. Your dream vacation:

a. Has animals, plants and cuisine that you couldn’t imagine before. (5 points)

b. Includes learning new skills. (3 points)

c. Includes several destinations. (2 points)

d. Must have a steamy climate. (1 point)

e. Must have interesting people. (4 points)

Your Travel Type Revealed

To figure out your score, add up the points after the answers you chose.

1 to 7 points: The Sun God/Goddess. Destinations like the U.S. Virgin Islands, Aruba and Sicily are sure to give you the tan and beachside relaxation you deserve.

8 to 14 points: The Cruise Controller. For non-stop meals and entertainment, hop a cruise ship and sail around the Mediterranean, the Caribbean or other ocean-and-fun-filled destinations.

15 to 21 points: The Culture Vulture. You’re happiest learning about culture, cooking, history and other subjects. Book a vacation with a cooking school in France or Italy, or take a language immersion course in Mexico or South America.

22 to 28 points: The Romantic Wanderer. You want to spend time with your significant other, or you dream of meeting a new love on foreign shores. Islands like Maui in Hawaii or Anguilla in the Caribbean beckon you with their tropical landscapes.

29 to 35 points: The Adventure King/Queen. You’re not afraid of giant insects or weird animals that bump into your tent at night. Sign up for an African safari, or experience the rainforests in Brazil or Panama.

P.S- The quiz copyright @ BBW magazine.

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30 July 2009

I thought I would be the Romantic Wanderer, but it turned out to be the Adventure King/Queen.

Posted by


30 July 2009

Romantic wanderer definitely! smile ... totally loved my travel to south-east asia!

Posted by


30 July 2009

Looks like I’m a Romantic Wanderer too. I don’t mind that ,provided I can fly over than volcano in a helicopter someday.

Posted by

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

31 July 2009

Interesting! I am surely going to atempt this one… but wait a minute, let me take a deep breath..Ok?

Posted by

Bhavin & Roop

01 August 2009

Hi Radhika… excellent quiz u put here.. smile…:-) i scored yuppiey 24 ah a romantic rendevouze…lolz…. clincher quiz. So u guys ready for top notch postion? im sure you are not only dreaming about yr dream run route but living every monet…. super guys… all the best.. cheers!!!!!!11

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