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IIM Outdoor
Namrata and Joseph, Bombay-ite and Hyderabadi, classmates from Indore, now working in Chennai and Pune implore all you interesting, smart, cute and sexy people reading this to please, pleeez vote for us! Hmm... but who are we? Well.. we got acquainted during our first few days at IIM Indore, group projects and common interests in photography, writing and marketing turned us into close friends and a great team. Fresh out of college, one was thrown into the dust bowls of U.P. while the other pitched a tent in the jungles of M.P. But sneaky trainees that we were, we took full advantage of the available resources to explore these states. Whether the pine trees of Almora or the ruins of Khajuraho, a Bhojpuri film shoot or some gun-laden, mustachioed dudes in the Chambal areas of Bhind - our travels always had added flavor! Of course we posted detailed accounts and pics of our humble adventures to all of our friends - not many jobs allow you to work in jeans & sneakers, expect you to travel extensively and work according to your own timetable afterall! So what happens next. Well desk-bound that we are now, and missing the luxury of the company provided car, we have set our sights a little higher. One of us already owns a Mitsubishi Cedia, the other is secretly envious. So this journey apart from an opportunity to catch up with one another, will be an unsupervised test drive for one ;) while the other gets to show off for a loooong 10 days! :P Am ending with some statutory information on us - we love travelling & meeting new people, seeing new places, we take any and EVERY opportunity to cut work and travel. One lives by the lens and sees the world as a splash of colors, frames, contrast, light and angles, the other lives by the word, is overly sensitive to bad grammar & has taken a while to adjust to the cruel shrtning of wrds by sms & d www. One has been featured many a time on Page 3 of Chennai's newspapers while the other wishes that his photos would one day feature on the Page 1 of National Geographic. One works with a strategic design house now, the other works with an FMCG conglomerate and helps market and sell.. what else... pens and pencils. :) Regards, Namrata P.S. You are invited to attempt a match-the-following based on the above mentioned information :)
One Foot Wild
Being best friends with Bharath has been my biggest challenge to date. Constantly arguing about most topics under the sun and having diametrically opposite perspectives to life makes us such good friends. Having met at photography school, our shared passion for travel, culture, music, books and art made us drive off to different places on photography ‘assignments’. 5 years down post-grad school we still make spontaneous trips to feed our wanderlust. From the high desert roads of Ladakh to the forbidden country of Bhutan, from snorkeling in the clear blues of the Andaman Islands to sipping chai with a tribal from Rajasthan, traveling makes us who we are. Translating what we see and feel into photography, writing and design is how we capture those moments (and of course talking about our trips non-stop to our friends who are perpetually envious!) Running his organic coffee estates in Coorg and having been an environment science student in his undergrad days, Bharath is the perpetual environment conscious bloke who loves to trek. The quiet reserved type he is almost obsessive about anything to do with electronics and wildlife..An architect in my undergrad days and currently an advertising photographer in Mumbai I am a complete foodie who enjoys meeting people, ready to learn anything new from salsa to sailing a sea-bird. Always looking for the new, I constantly find myself being aware of spatial design, art and culture. All of these opposites make us close friends while constantly feeding our five senses.
TravelWithaCouple (TWaC)
We, Unny & Bindhu, are a couple currently based in Mumbai. The best introduction can be: He (Unny) - Armchair traveler. Reluctant reader. Would-be writer. Amateur photographer, Day dreamer… and likewise, a pretender of too many things. Advertising and marketing industry ensures basic comforts in life. Traveling and occasional writing keeps the energy flowing. She (Bindhu) - Add a few more pretensions - a good cook, a good host, etc. Easily mistaken for a serious, intellectual reader, but far from it. Engineer by qualification; freelance writer by choice. Also volunteers as a teacher for Akanksha, an NGO. We also participate as facilitators for a group called Nature Knights for their eco-adventure trips and corporate outbound training programs.